Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hyllyjen välissä

Sukupuolihäiriköt merkitsivät kaupoissa myytäviä tuotteita tunnuksilla "lähinnä naisille", "lähinnä miehille", "tänään miehille" ja "tänään naisille". Löydä sukupuolihäiriköt lähikaupastasi!


Junakohtaus said...

Ihan uteliaisuuttani: mikä tekee tosta maustesoosista miehille suunnatun tuotteen?

maustesoosi said...

He grinned. ‘I thought you knew about it. They’re going to run the thing on Worchester Sauce.’

I stared at him. ‘What’s Worchester Sauce? I thought they ran on oil?’

He said: ‘Well, oil is still the basic part of it, of course. But they’ve got this sort of cocktail now—oil with a lot of solids in solution in some way. ‘It all sounds very complicated,’ he said. ‘They do it during the cracking process. I didn’t understand, but the result is Worcester Sauce.’

‘How does it differ from oil?’ I asked.

‘It’s hotter, and it leaves a nice warm glow behind,’ he said. ‘That’s why they call it that.’

I did not smile. ‘What’s it got in it?’ I enquired. ‘What are the solids that they put into the stuff?’

He told me.

I sat in silence for a minute. I am no chemist, and I don’t know much about what those things do to you. ‘That’s pretty nasty stuff,’ I said at last.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘I wouldn’t like to get a burn with it myself.’

‘It’s alright—internationally—is it?’

He shrugged his shoulders. ‘It’s not gas and it’s not an acid.’

‘Suppose you get a little splash of that on you,’ I said, ‘burning. Would it be very bad.’

He stared at me. ‘You mustn’t do that,’ he said. ‘You’d be better off if you drank it.’

‘It makes a pretty nasty burn?’

He laughed shortly. ‘That’s putting it mildly. I don’t believe that it would ever heal at all.’

‘I mean, just a little splash, about the size of—that,’ I said.

‘Small or large, it’d go septic right away. And it would go on going septic for a very long time. ‘It’s horrible stuff, that.’

‘It’d heal in the end?’

‘It might do, if it didn’t start a cancer.’

Nevile Shute — Most Secret First Published 1945.